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San Francisco-based up-and-coming producer Giraffage‘s Charlie Yin has crafted an amazing style of electronic music by utilizing the stark contrast of slowed-down and sped up RB samples. In anticipation of his upcoming EP No Reason, here’s a reminder that Giraffage remixed The-Dream’s entire groundbreaking 2007 album, Love/Hate. From “Shawty Is Da Shit” and “Falsetto” to “Playin’ in Her Hair” and “Purple Kisses,” Giraffage’s signature bubbling claps and percussive elements cut through The-Dream’s sultry vocals in the most perfect way.

In an interview with IX Daily, Charlie Yin said he first came up with the name ‘Giraffage’ when he saw graffiti ‘Giraffe’ by graffiti artist Girafa on a wall near his home in San Jose, and next to it was the tag ‘ages’. Yin put the two together and stuck with it because he thought it sounded like a “cool, pretty arbitrary name”.
Though Yin graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a degree in political economy, he spent much of his time in his room recording his deeply personal Needs mixtape, during which he “went through the worst time of [his] life and also the best time of [his] life while writing the songs for this album.”
Giraffage’s No Reason EP came out today, so go give it a listen. But not before revisiting his killer remix of The-Dream’s Love/Hate LP.

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[Photo source: Fool’s Gold]