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In an interview with L.A. Leakers, Kendrick Lamar explained that the acronym ‘m.A.A.d.’ from his critically acclaimed album is a two-pronged acronym. “It’s two meanings. The first one is, ‘my angry adolescence divided,’ and the basic standout meaning is ‘my angel’s on angel dust,’” the rapper stated.

‘My angry adolescent divided’ is fairly self-explanatory, but it also speaks to the overarching theme behind the Good Kid m.A.A.d City LP. Though the album is, in part, a love letter to the grounding influence of his family, Lamar’s tracks also craft cautionary tales of a kid terrified of being consumed by gang violence.
As for ‘my angels on angel dust,’ Lamar rhymes about unknowingly smoking weed that had been laced with another drug in “m.A.A.d. city”: “Cocaine laced in marijuana, and they wonder why I rarely smoke now / Imagine if your first blunt had you foaming at the mouth / … / I live inside the belly of the rough, Compton, U.S.A. made me an angel on angel dust.” Lamar refers to the ‘angel dust’ as cocaine, but the term typically stands for PCP—known for its nightmarish drug trips.
We’re not surprised Kendrick Lamar has put this much thought into the ‘m.A.A.d.’ in Good Kid m.A.A.d City. The brilliant rapper’s original beats have always seamlessly incorporated the masters of West Coast gangsta-rap alongside contemporaries like Janet Jackson and Drake.
BAMIN is an acronym for Build And Make It Now, so we love a good word play. And Kendrick Lamar’s ‘m.A.A.d’ city is our acronym of the week.
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