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In the most Beyoncé way possible—with no prior announcement and promotions—Queen Bey released her homemade and unusually candid music video for “7/11”. We love the delightful stop motion editing and the unbridled dance moves, but we really love that parts of the video were shot by Beyoncé herself. The singer can be seen recording with an iPhone in front of a mirror or with the aid of a selfie stick.

“7/11” may be less radio-friendly than some of her pop tunes, but we can never resist when Beyoncé raps, and we know “7/11” is the song we’ll be blasting when it’s time to dance. In contrast to her usual lavish and high-production videos, “7/11” kicks off with Beyoncé in a Kale University sweatshirt, dancing on her balcony before bringing the party indoors. The multiple wardrobe changes that accompany the stop motion editing make video feel more like a collage of videos than a single shot. We’re obsessed.
It’s her most personal and accessible video yet, and we’re looking forward to watching all the “7/11”-inspired Vine and Instagram vids. And hey, there’s already this list of dance moves to incorporate into your life.
We know you’ve already seen it about a dozen times, but watch the video again below.

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[Photo source: MTV]