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John Colandra, a 23-year-old old from New Jersey, edited fan-captured and professional footage from nearly every stop of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour to create a two-hour guerrilla tour video. The sound was surprisingly satisfactory, and smart editing of the cut up footage provided great jump cuts and a few good close-up shots. On his project, Colandra tells Dazed And Confused: “The film flows beautifully and not a single major aspect of the Yeezus tour goes unnoticed. Detail was crucial and over seven months of work went into this project.”

Kanye’s Yeezus tour gave those lucky enough to attend everything from insane Margiela masks to elaborate stage pyrotechnics and biblical allusions. Though the Hype Williams-directed film of the tour was announced and even has a trailer, no release date has been set. So to temporarily fill our Yeezus void, John Colandra created and posted his video on the Kanye To The forum
The video received a lot of positive responses, and Colandra says he plans to start working on similar videos for the Watch The Throne tour and Glow in the Dark, the 2008 Kanye tour that had appearances from Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, and Nas. 
If you haven’t already, it’s worth it to check out Colandra’s user-generated video. Watch it below.

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[Photo source: Tumblr]