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The Sartorial-twist popped up back in 2011, but the mismatched style collages are still as cool as ever. The meme generates new street style ensembles by combining different photos from fashion photographer Scott Schuman’s street style blog The Sartorialist. We love that it gives the otherwise very manicured and polished street style photos a fun Frankenstein twist. Though the randomized style collages are a little peculiar, the end result is always something more new and inspiring than the original ever could be. All you have to do is hit refresh to get a whole new combination.

Harry Woodrow, an artist and creative director from London, is the ingenious mind behind the meme generator. In an interview with This Is A Page, Woodrow explains his idea: “[I] wanted to inject some much needed chaos into streetstyle blogs, which were something that had originally been fascinating windows into local styles and subcultures, but I felt had unwittingly succeeded in killing those things that they were celebrating. I say this as I think that in a lot of ways the internet with its instant and incessant recording and broadcasting has created a virtual global homogeny in ‘streetstyle’…there’s much less local incubation of ideas and an true underground has become impossible.”
Perhaps it’s the simple three-paneled mix-and-match format, but The Sartorial-twist is what we imagine the love child of street style photography and Fashion Plates hybrid would look like. BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) bags are designed with interchangeable parts, so you can remix them into limitless new styles. We’re feeling a little freaky, so check out these multi-colored neomesh and leather bags to get you inspired.
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[Photo source: The Sartorial-twist]