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Artist Sara Cwynar, who begins her projects with found materials and changes them in their recreation, used scans of old adult magazine spreads and distorted them in her Woman series. Her works often play with trompe d’oeil and perception to raise questions about obvious associations in mass-produced images and objects. Woman, as a part of selected works from the Cooper Cole Gallery, was featured at this year’s NADA Art Fair at Miami Beach. 

Cwynar is a Vancouver native who currently lives and works in Brooklyn. In an interview with The New Yorker, the artist states, “I am interested in recreating certain familiar aspects of product shots and commercial still-lives…I take a lot of inspiration from old studio photos and how what is once fashionable or forward-looking can come to look absurd with changing styles. Equally, I am interested in contemporary studio photography; the hyper-real, retouched images that we see everywhere.”
If you missed Sara Cwynar at the NADA Art Fair at Miami Beach this year, you can still see Woman, as well as past works like her glitch-y Darkroom Manuals series, at the Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto

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b[Photo source: Cooper Cole Gallery]