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Microsoft may be getting rid of clip art entirely, but at least the cherished digital art style of your youth will live on in the works of your artistic contemporaries. New York City-based artist Adam Lister‘s 8-bit graphics mix the deconstructed and minimal aesthetic of old-school video graphics with watercolors to create pixelated images of pop culture icons. It’s digital art-meets-cubism with a hint of Etch A Sketch.

In an email to The Huffington Post, Lister explained, “I start with a pencil drawing, blocking in a few of the bigger components of my composition. Then I look to build the initial sketch into a strictly angular and geometric description of the subject, using only vertical and horizontal lines. A circle becomes a square, a diagonal becomes a staircase, and the translation of the original idea is rearranged through an 8-Bit inspired visual language. I find that the transparent and subtle qualities of watercolor paint on heavyweight cold press paper present a nice contrast to the rigid structure of the each picture.”
Earlier this year, his works were on display as part of a group show at Catalyst Gallery. He also transformed some of his pieces into 3D printed objects and has completed a few more recent 8-bit inspired pieces
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[Photo source: Photo source: This Is Colossal]