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Health Goth is a bit of Ghetto Goth and a bit of Cyber Punk, but it takes the internet-inspired aspects of its predecessors and cranks it up to eleven. It’s the “anti-nostalgic dystopian present… hyper-masculine on the surface, betraying a distinctively sus interior of body-mechanized cyborgian humanity within.” Confused? In simpler terms, it’s sportswear-meets-punk-meets-goth but with a hyperreal advert and Net art-inspired digital twist.

Inspired by performance sportswear, bionic body parts, Net art and combat gear, the whole Health Goth movement was borne from the dark recesses of Portland musicians Mike Grabarek and Jeremy Scott of Magic Fades’s Facebook page. The trend, admittedly, is also poking fun at the seriousness of Ghetto Goth. The look can be identified as “Fairuza Balk’s character from The Craft going to gym class”. Hey, we can’t say Health Goth doesn’t have a sense of humor while “just trying to remain chill and comfortable at a time when a lot of horrible shit is happening on and offline.”
The anti-artisinal fashion trend has been floating around the net for a year via #healthgoth, but now that The New York Times and The Globe And Mail has picked up on it, it’s fair to say that it’s definitely made it into the mainstream.
It’s winter, and with so many layers, it’s so much easier to coordinate colors in the mornings when you keep it all black.  Black goth-lite sportswear is the way go this season, so get yourself a BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) Black Neomesh Duffel with Leather Handles to get your Health Goth fitness on. 
photo healthgoth_duff_zps003a9bb0.jpg
Or a  Black Leather Overnight with Neomesh Sides Leather Handles ($405) for a sporty but sleeker vibe.
photo healthgoth_ov_zps3d9d722d.jpg
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[Photo source: AM Discs]