Welcome to the new BAMIN (Build And Make It Now) site! For most of 2014, we’ve been largely invite-only, but today, we’ve opened up our proverbial digital doors to the public.
We’ve revamped our look with compelling new editorial creatives—which will be published over the course of a few months—and a how to video. These were shot by photographer Justin Borbely, art directed by Lucas Lefler and casted by Samuel Ellis Scheinman starring models Gustav Swedberg and Alexandra Rudakova

We now also allow you to share your bags on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, or via email. You can also buy gift cards. And, once you order, we can ship your bags right away. 
Despite these changes, we’re still very much about remix culture and a champion of digital-age creativity. So, build your own bag and infinitely remix it for your evolving life. After all, BAMIN bags are always you and always new. 
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