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Nicki Minaj created an epic 16-minute music video by combining three tracks from The Pinkprint—“The Crying Game,” “I Lied” and “Grand Piano”. Directed by Taylor Cohen (The Crying Game” and “Grand Piano”) and Francesco Carrozzini (“I Lied”), the hyper-stylized music video weaves together the three tracks to tell the story of a splintering relationship.

We never thought a Nicki Minaj video would make our heart ache with feelings, but Minaj’s vocals in these ballads really resonate with us. It’s holiday season, and we know you have some time to kill between carbo-loading and making small talk with distant family members. Watch The Pinkprint Movie in its entirety, and if it gets you feeling some sort of way, we recommend plotting your next getaway with aid of a Black Leather Overnight with Pink Neomesh Sides Black Leather Handles ($405).
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[Photo source: The Lantern]