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You’ve probably seen legendary artist, illustrator and author Christoph Niemann’s work on the covers of The New Yorker, Newsweek andthe New York Times Magazine. Every Sunday, the visual storyteller sets aside to time to play with different visual mediums, which he shares on his Instagram. Examples of his work include combining his illustrations with everyday objects and photographs to create optical illusions. Of course, you can also peruse a more extensive collection of Neiman’s work on his Tumblr

For a little #TBT, Niemann launched an interactive animated app called Petting Zoo, which takes his playful illustrations and combines it with technology. Niemann built the app himself and spent a month wrapping his head around divs and JavaScripts and C.S.S. classes. The app has a zoo of 21 illustrated, animated animals that the user can swipe and tap at these creatures for their animated reactions.
In Vienna this upcoming summer? Christoph Niemann will have a solo exhibition at MAK.
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[Photo source: Abstract Sunday]