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With absolutely no prior announcement, Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney dropped surprise new track “Four Five Seconds,” a melodic new single that’s a prefect blend of hip-hop and country. Paul McCartney, who also collaborated with Kanye on his track “Only One,” provides the emotive acoustic guitar accompaniment to Kanye and Rihanna’s emotive belting. The heartbreak-tinged song is deeply confessional piece and is a big departure from Rihanna and Kanye’s earlier collaborations—“All Of The Lights” and “Run This Town.”

Earlier this week, Kanye and Rihanna made an appearance at the iHeartMedia Music Summit to preview “Four Five Seconds”. Though we’re unsure if the track is going to feature on both Kanye’s collaborative album with Paul McCartney and Rihanna’s upcoming album, you can download it from our favorite bad gal’s site. Then you should go over to Instagram to watch Rihanna’s adorable reaction to her latest track going live.

We’ve been playing this country-meets-hip-hop track on repeat, and it really makes us want to grab our Blue Leather Duffel with Black Leather Sides and Handles $575 out for a contemplative drink. It’s three days ‘till Friday, but we’ll try to make it back home by Monday morning.


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[Photo source: Forbes]