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Joshua Tillman, aka Father John Misty, shared his haunting acoustic cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box,” which was recorded during a session for Sirius XMU. Though it’s a bit odd to hear the fuzz rock hit without Kurt Cobain’s rasping howl, Fender guitar and distortion pedals, Tillman’s sparse delivery puts a folk spin on the song while staying faithful to the In Utero classic.

Tillman isn’t the first artist to cover “Heart Shaped Box,” as you may remember that, back in 2012, Lana Del Rey covered “Heart-Shaped Box” during a Sydney, Australia concert. We weren’t especially impressed by Del Rey’s rendition, but we’ll always be grateful that that particular cover led to Courtney Love’s unsolicited rock history lesson to Del Rey via Twitter, “You do know the song is about my Vagina right? On top of which some of the lyrics about my vagina I contributed. So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?” Classic.

Father John Misty also just released his new I Love You, Honeybear LP, and we’re particularly fond of the album’s first single, “Bored In The USA,” a title that’s a twist on Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA.” It’s a sardonic exploration of the American Dream’s failed promises, and the song brilliantly layers its scathing lyrical barbs with a sample of a generic studio laugh track.

So listen to Father John Misty’s bare-bones covers of “Heart Shaped Box,” then go stream I Love You, Honeybear.


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