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Last September, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar-wai would provide the art direction for its upcoming China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition. The exhibition is a collaborative project between The Costume Institute and the Department of Asian Art and explores the ongoing relationship between Western and Chinese culture—juxtaposing high fashion with traditional Chinese costume, film, and art. It’s NYFW, and with Chinese New Year just a few days away, the Met gave a perfectly timed preview of the upcoming exhibition. China: Through the Looking Glass opens on May 7th and runs through August 16th.

Anyone who has experienced Wong Kar-wai’s filmography knows that it makes all the sense in the world that the Hong Kong director was tasked with the art direction for China: Through the Looking Glass. Though he is known for his emotionally resonate storytelling and hyper stylized cinematography, Wong’s sartorial eye has created some of the best-dressed and most memorable characters in modern cinematic history. From Maggie Cheung’s atypical cheongsams In The Mood For Love to the mash-up of casual and formalwear in Chungking Express, Wong’s characters are always impeccably dressed but with a style that’s distinctly their own.

Don’t forget to check out China: Through the Looking Glass when it opens this summer. Since that’s a few months from now, make those frigid nights in count by (re)watching Wong Kar-wai’s cinematic masterpieces.


The wardrobe in Wong Kar-wai’s films always have a timeless feel. We imagine a classic briefcase would fit right into Kar-wai’s cinematic worlds,but we’re also feeling inspired by his painterly use of vivid colors and imagery, so we’re giving it a casual twist with orange neomesh sides.


BRIEFCASE | Italian Matte Leather & Neomesh, $395

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[Photo source: The Kinsky]