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Arcade Fire’s Will Butler announced, via The Guardian, that starting on February 23rd, he would be writing a new song based on a news story in The Guardian every day for a week. “It was partly inspired by Bob Dylan, who used to announce that certain songs were based on headlines,” Butler describes. “It would be a song he wrote in two weeks or something, such as The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, which is one of the greatest songs ever. So I’ve set myself an impossible bar.” For his first piece, Butler released “Clean Monday,” a song inspired by this article on the current Greek debt crisis. We can expect more headlines-inspired songs in the lead up to his the release of his debut solo album, Policy, on March 10.

The title “Clean Monday” refers to Clean Monday, the Greek Orthodox equivalent of Ash Wednesday and the day during which the Greek markets were closed. In a note on The Guardian’s website, Butler explains, “It was an amazing/hilarious (well, maybe mildly amusing) coincidence to me that the Greek ministers were scrambling and figuring out how to avoid strict austerity on the day that Lent starts.” Of course, he also clarifies that he (and the rest of the world, really) are rooting for Greece and its young government to pull it together.

It’s Tuesday, but give “Clean Monday” a listen. We don’t know which news article Butler will find his inspiration for his next from-the-headlines track, but we’re pretty intrigued.


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