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British artist Hannah Perry’s work often combines several elements in a way that very characteristic of the Internet age. She creates deconstructed short films by weaving together clips she shoots with an iPhone with found footage of “old, strange documentaries in video libraries, or from biopics about comedians.” By using an iPhone to record, her work takes on a very user-generated approach while capturing the zeitgeist of this generation; our iPhones allow us to instantly digitized life’s moments. Perry just debuted her first major solo show, Hannah Perry: Always, at Steve Turner in Los Angeles, which is on view from Feb. 14–Mar. 14, 2015.

Hannah Perry: Always is on display in a soundproofed room with a built-in screen and car seats with sub-bass speakers beneath them, on which viewers can experience the deconstructed film. The experience is meant to be a very visceral one, merging visuals and sounds with physical sensation. The exhibition also features Perry’s collages, which blend abstract painting, screen print and text works in a way that mimics video editing. Perry’s work has also worked to challenge ideas of the feminine and masculine, creating prints that combine the Always maxi pads logo with typically masculine associations like car and tire references.

If you’re in LA any time between now and March 14th, be sure to drop by Steve Turner to experience Hannah Perry’s exhibition.


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[Photo source: Steve Turner]