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Iran-born, U.S.-based artist Hadieh Shafie uses rolled-up, painted strips of paper and collages them to create modernist pieces, merge traditional crafts with a contemporary aesthetic. Her latest series of works, from the Surfaced exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery showcases her use of collaged painting. Shafie packs together tightly rolled and hand painted scrolls of paper, using rings of varied colors and textures to create a mosaic image. The result is a visual blend that recalls rolled up rug and modern psychedelic paintings.

When describing the use of repetition in her work, Shafie explains, “As a child I grew up in an environment where it was heavily decorated. There was a lot of repetition… I was accustomed to seeing repetition, and it felt very natural.” The manner by which her works are held together—binding strips of paper together—is also a direct reference to the art of bookbinding and manuscript-making. Surfaced is Shafie’s first solo show in New York and will be on display at Leila Heller Gallery until April 11, 2015.



We’re very much drawn to the bright orange and blue tones in Shafie’s Ghalb 7 piece, so we’re adding a little spice to this portfolio by mixing blue leather with orange neomesh.


BRIEFCASE | Italian Matte Leather & Neomesh, $370


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[Photo source: Leila Heller Gallery]