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Produced by Jefferson Projects and directed by NY-based filmmaker Clayton Vomero, Gang is Saturday Night Fever for the digital age, featuring a soundtrack by Alex Epton and a cast that includes Ghostface Killah’s son and the Major Lazer dance team. The dance film follows a day in the lives of its protagonists—Infinite Coles, Mela Murder and Denasia Moore—as they soul-search by subway dancing and voguing their way around Staten Island. Dazed and Confused has a first look at the film, a 17-minute clip, and an in-depth discussion with director Clayton Vomero about what inspired him to create a feature on vogue and youth culture.

Though Gang is focuses on a particular strain of youth culture, Vomero explains that the project’s initial goal was to focus on real NYC kids who grew up the way he did, but when he was introduced the Mela, the scope of the film began to narrow. Voguing in NYC, Vomero explains, “[is] just fucking electric in NY. It’s developed so much over the decades but it’s everywhere in all incarnations. You’re just as likely to go to a random bar and see some 50 year old fat man voguing his ass off as much as if you went to a real ball.” Most importantly, the culture of voguing is about grit and creativity and “making things work with what’s around you.”

The team is working on developing Gang into a longer piece of film, but until then, you should definitely set aside a moment to watch the 17-min short.


Vomero’s dance film is a gorgeously shot and beautifully captures the raw energy of youth culture and how voguing is an expression of confidence and creativity. For something to keep you on the go and ready to bust out your next move, stay active with a black, orange and blue neomesh duffel.


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