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We’ve curated the best of digital age-inspired creativity—from user-generated content, mash-ups, and remixes to collaborations between multi-disciplined makers.

Artist Eric Timothy Carlson’s latest show Ob Struct Err Ob Literate Or—or in simpler terms, Obstruct Obliterate—combines elements of Man Ray, poetry and graphite to create a “semi-visual poem” that speaks to both art history and his personal artistic vision. The first part of the exhibition’s title takes its name from Obstruction, a 1920 work by Man Ray that placed clothes hangers on clothes hangers to create form. Though there are art history references aplenty, the exhibition is also about obliterating the past. Carlson’s exhibition will be on display at New York art and design gallery Patrick Parrish Gallery until March 29th.

Carlson’s exhibition contains a lot of references, but it’s not necessary to understand or see all of them to appreciate the work. The artist uses his graphite compositions to contain his three-dimensional works and as a means of offering a glimpse at his works’ influencers. While discussing his work with Artsy, the artist explains, “There’s the drawings, there’s the drawings as sculptural objects, there’s the sculptural objects derived from drawing, there’s drawing a mural that is the space itself,” Carlson tells me of the elements of the show. “So surface to become object, surface to become container, and then that which it contains.”

If you’re in NYC before March 29th, be sure to drop by Patrick Parrish Gallery to see Eric Timothy Carlson’s Ob Struct Err Ob Literate Or.


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[Photo source: Patrick Parrish Gallery]