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When we think of collage, we usually expect some kind of physical or digital cut-and-pasting of images. Artist David Brandon Geeting takes a different approach, using his background as a photographer to put together a collage of objects “that really shouldn’t be together.” His photo collages of objects include these odd combinations: a plastic bag with sunglasses, a cherub statue spearing a piece of white bread, and a foot dialing a telephone, amongst others. The pieces also have titles like “Garlic Belt,” “Rainbow Mug with Lenses and Asparagus,” and “Statue Bread,” doubling down as both title and description. The names are almost whimsical in their practicality. Geeting just released a new book Infinite Power, a collection of three years of the Brooklyn-based artist’s work, or as he puts it, a “complex collection of nothing.”

When asked what inspired Geeting to publish Infinite Power, Geeting explained: “Infinite Power is the title of the image with the three power strips plugged into one another. I guess it’s contradictory because they aren’t plugged into any power source, so really they are ‘infinitely powerless.’ I think the book, in a way, shines a spotlight on things that are otherwise insignificant. It’s an exercise in trying to understand the power of the powerless.” Geeting presents an interesting take on the art of collage, and we’re looking forward to seeing what he creates next.



David Brandon Geeting creates cut-and-paste free collages by putting together seemingly disparate objects. Though we don’t have the same artistic eye, we definitely have some strange objects floating around our bags. An orange and green neomesh carryall will keep all your bits and bobs in one place–whether you’re about to make some art or just a hoarder.


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[Photo source: Dazed Digital]