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Like most diet and food trends, the whole gluten-free movement has become the butt of many a joke (unfortunate for anyone who’s actually a Celiac). The latest incarnation comes in the form of the hilarious tongue-in-cheek photo-manipulations from the Gluten Free Museum Tumblr. The anonymous but brilliant and twisted mind behind Gluten Free Museum has taken famous artworks and iconic pop culture images and has made it their mission to digitally remove all signs of the offensive protein composite. The hypersensitive, your eyes no longer have to suffer the sight of gluten when enjoying your favorite works of art and film.

Gems include Vincent Van Gogh’s “Wheat Fields” minus the wheat, and Samuel L Jackson without a Royale in Pulp Fiction. Our personal favorite might just be the wheat-free “Summer” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who painted collaged objects to create imaginative portrait heads. Of course, for the gluten lover, the effect is both hysterical and horrifying.



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[Photo source: Gluten Free Museum]