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Berlin trio Ballet School has done the universe a favor by merging two immortal pop songs: Madonna’s 1990 hit “Justify My Love” and Beyoncé’s “Partition.” Both songs are unapologetic renditions on sexuality and indulging out baser impulses. Singer Rosie Blair gives the steamy lyrics the sultry treatment they deserve, and the mash-up cover adds an extra trip-hop stomp. Last September, Ballet School released their album The Dew Lasts An Hour, and the trio will be kicking off their North America tour next week.

Idolator debuted the mash-up today and spoke to Ballet School frontwoman Rosie Blair about the thought process behind blending the two pop hits. Blair discusses the unfair criticism Madonna received for the sexual nature of the track:

When “Justify My Love” came out, it made perfect sense because it is the sound of the world’s most powerful woman reaching her early thirties sexual peak. Like, it figures. For about five years after this Madonna released nothing but explicitly sexual music and was totally punished for it. She rarely refers to it now but it was the lowest period of her career, critically speaking. Every time she did an interview one of the questions would invariably be “Do you think your career is over?” I mean, how rude. Beyonce’s “Partition” is the same vibe, a woman in her early thirties reaching maximum velocity with her sexuality except this time, Beyonce was critically acclaimed for her work. The juxtaposition between the two songs is one that is just as important for me culturally as it is musically. It makes me think that it’s worth putting your ideas and perspectives out there as a female even if you get a kicking, ’cause there’s always a bigger picture. This is the definition of “influence.”

#TGIF. Now bring on the weekend by listening to Ballet School’s  Madonna x Beyoncé Cover, “Justify My Love/Partition.”


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