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It’s always pretty rad when artists have music videos made for the remix of their songs too—and it’s even better when there’s effort behind the production. New Orleans rapper Pell commissioned Aaron Keuter to create and edit a collaged animated video for LA-via-Boston producer LARRY BRRD‘s remix of “Runaway,” one of the exceptional tracks from Pell’s 2014 Floating While Dreaming LP. “I wanted to create an animated video that illustrated the most sacred union being broken, and I think we accomplished that,” says Pell to The FADER. “I’m very inspired by cartoons, and Aaron was able to turn my vision into a masterpiece with his animation.”

NOLA’s Pell has been lauded as one of the most promising new rappers, and his sound is a unique blend of rap and southern singjaying over a mix of trap and trip-pop. One might also call his style “dream rap.” Pell finds inspiration from multiple genres of music, creating music that speaks to this generation’s mash-up culture.

Watch Aaron Keuter’s collaged and animated video for LARRY BRRD’s remix of Pell’s “Runaway” below.

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[Photo source: YouTube]