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Photography, art, and technology come together in Akihiko Miyoshi’s visual experiments. Before Miyoshi began his career in art, he was a computer engineer pursing a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University. Though the artist altered his professional trajectory, he continues to incorporate elements of technology and data in his work, merging art with the digital. “CMYKRGB,” Miyoshi’s latest visual series, blends analog and digital photography and is on display at Circuit Gallery until May 9th.

Miyoshi’s abstract photographs may look like digital manipulations, often resembling a collision of pixels, but the works are actually pieced together with physical materials. In his artist statement, he explains, “I believe we live in a moment when the torrent of the digital and the inertia of the analog collide with each other creating an aesthetic and a lived experience unique to our time.” The predominance of pixels is important, as they are “representative/symptomatic of our time where pigments and pixels push and pull at each other.” His “CMYKRGB” exhibition continues to explore the way we view images in the digital age—though screens and browsers—and how its impact on the way we produce and consume photography.

If you’re in Toronto before May 9th, be sure to drop by Circuit Gallery to check out Akihiko Miyoshi’s latest exhibition.

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[Photo source: Circuit Gallery]