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Amy Arbus, daughter of the legendary Diane Arbus and protégé of esteemed fashion photographer Richard Avedon, has been capturing street style well before the time of digital photography—before fashion blogs and Instagram allowed for instant style gratification. In the ‘80s, Arbus started as The Village Voice’s style photographer and captured the eclectic styles of every figure in New York subculture, from Madonna and Phoebe Lègére to Andre Walker and The Clash pre-fame. In an interview with AnOther Magazine, Arbus talks about what inspires her and tells the story behind some of her most iconic images.

Arbus met Richard Avedon in 1992, and under his guidance, began to really appreciate photography as an art form with “a lot of non-verbal communication, chemistry…making snap decisions of how somebody needs to be treated or wants to be treated.” When she got her start as a photographer at The Village Voice, she started to really see how designers found inspiration from street style, “I was finding the kids that the high fashion designers were ‘borrowing’ from for their high fashion, so what they were doing was very important and revolutionary.”

It’s #FBF, and with the warm weather really settling in, get your style inspiration on by revisiting some of Amy Arbus’ most iconic ‘80s street style photography.

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[Photo source: AnOther Magazine]