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Though we may never know which filmmaker was crazy enough to fire Dev Hynes (I mean, have they listened to the score for James Franco’s Palo Alto), the music producer has released 46 minutes of the abandoned film score. Hey, the film’s loss is our gain. But, ever the professional, Hynes posted a video of the music with a note that reads: “I spent the last few months working on a film score, then I got fired. No hard feelings. Here’s some of the music. Listen & zone out if you want. Painting by Alice Lancaster. The painting is included above. And here’s some notes on what instruments are used: Cello, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Drum Machines, Flute, Bass, Guitar, EWI, Yamaha wx7, Juno 160, DX7, Marantz PMD 720 4-Track.” No hard feelings, and we got nearly an hour’s worth of new music from Dev Hynes. We think that qualifies as a win.

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, take some time to zone out and listen to  the moody compositions in Dev Hyne’s abandoned film score.

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[Photo source: Consequence of Sound]