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Brazilian-born Lorenzo Castellini took his love of art and created an Instagram account dedicated to “Great Masters Having Great Times.” His work is very reminiscent of the air collages by @mydaywithleo, but Castellini’s collages have a distinctly art-oriented point of view. Castellini merges cutouts of heads of artists and famous works of art with the people and things he encounters while roaming the streets of São Paulo. His art-themed air collage mash-ups include a Van Gogh chef, part of a Basquiat painting masquerading as the head of a dog, Federico da Montefeltro fiddling with his iPhone, and even a rabbi with a Magritte’s apple for a face.

You can see the rest of Lorenzo Castellini’s air collages on his Instagram @art.lies. Happy hump day, everyone!

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[Photo source: art.lies]