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Leave it to Jack Antonoff to have Sia cover of a song alongside a 15-minute spoken word track. Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers project released a live EP titled Like A River Runs that features an orchestral cover of “Like A River Runs.” Sia’s cover of the song is heightened by her signature haunting and slightly possessed howl (it’s Sia, so we wouldn’t expect anything less). The spoken word track in question is actually a 15-minute conversation with a dream specialist, titled “Dreams Aren’t Random,” in which Antonoff discusses his most poignant dreams over layers of moody synths.

Stream of consciousness dream analysis might not be everyone’s jam, but if you don’t have the 15 minutes to spare for your curiosity, Sia’s cover is definitely worth the listen. Her cover really transforms Antonoff’s original rousing pop anthem to an impassioned and mournful piece full of strings and plenty of feels.

Listen to Sia’s cover of “Like A River Runs” below, then maybe let Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers Like A River Runs EP lull you to bed later tonight.

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[Photo source: Stereogum]