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Though softcore indie mag TALC started out as reaction to the end of men’s magazines, the zine became known for its collaged-styled erotica. The inspiration for the collage aesthetic? Editor-in-chief Edward Vince sites cult feminist icon Linder Sterling. We’re huge fans of Sterling’s work, and it’s not hard to see how her work has influenced a collage styled erotic magazine. Inspired by the Dada movement and unhappy with 1976 North England society, Sterling’s collages combine cutouts from pornography and advertising to create visual commentary on identity, sexuality, fashion and society. In an interview with Dazed And Confused, Vince talks about his idea to create a modern men’s magazine, and how the punk artist inspired TALC’s style.

Linder Sterling’s collages, particularly her early work in the ‘70s, are radical in how she combined images from men’s and women’s magazines to comment on the commodification of the female form. Though Vince is quick to note that, next to Sterling’s work, TALC is not particularly radical, he does hope that his photomontage approach generates conversation. He tells Dazed, “[Linder Sterling’s] work has really made me consider the intention of the artist and the difference between that and the consumers perception. This has proved to be incredibly inspirational for us as we have a female editor and most of our content is photographed or produced by women and so we really enjoy playing with our readers perception as to what TALC’s intentions are and who it is made for.”

We’re definitely intrigued, and hey, we can never resist a good collage.

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[Photo source: Dazed Digital]