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Dancing in the Dark” was one of Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits—and also one of his least Springsteen-y tracks. It’s the closest the man has ever gotten to that ‘80s syth-pop sound, and for the last month, Hot Chip has been performing their cover of “Dancing in the Dark” at their live shows. A clip of the Hot Chip’s version has surfaced, and we really like how the cover manages to infuse the track with Hot Chip’s signature whirling instrumental motifs while keeping the original’s vocal melody and lyrics. It’s definitely party anthem material, and with summer settling in, we imagine Bruce Springsteen would want to dance to the Hot Chip’s faithful yet new take on the classic.

Hot Chip are currently on tour for their new album Why Make Sense?, so there’s still a chance to see them perform the cover live. Until then, you can hear singer Alexis Taylor’s reedy tenor sing “Dancing in the Dark” below.

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[Photo source: Irascible]