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For his latest offering from the always excellent “Songs From Scratch” series, Yours Truly has graced us with another fantastic piece of music from an artist collaboration—Oakland rising star R&B singer Kehlani and Los Angeles producer Mr. Carmack’s dream “All In.” It’s a smoky slow-burner of a song about that turning point in romantic entanglements. Kehlani and Aaron Carmack are already buds from similar social circles, so there were no introductions necessary, and the two knew immediately that they wanted to write a track about their similar state of romantic dilemmas.

“Crazy things happened to both of us in the same couple of days,” says Kehlani on the inspiration behind the collaboration. “I feel like we didn’t even really have to speak about it, because we’re both fully aware of our situations.” Between the singer’s intimate and feathery vocals and Carmack’s shimmery, yet hands-on production, “All In” is a beautiful hit to the heart. “Songs From Scratch” has given us other amazing collaborations too, like Chance the Rapper and Nosaj Thing’s “Paranoia” and Danny Brown and AraabMuzik’s “Molly Ringwald.” So listen to “All In,” then be sure to take a peep through the ‘Songs From Scratch’ archive of sick team ups.

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[Photo source: Soundcloud]