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Via Something in the Attic, a London-based art initiative combining visual art with music, the Brooklyn vs. London collage exhibition explores themes of perception and identity through the work of 14 artists (seven from Brooklyn and seven from London). As big fans of collage work and the general idea of creating something new and different from existing materials, we’re excited to see more from the collagists featured in the exhibition. On why collage is meaningful, Brooklyn artist Michael DeSutter states, “I enjoy the way it allows me to explore the past – there’s no better way to understand something than to deconstruct it.” The show will run in the Carousel exhibition space in London from June 12th – 27th.

Though we appreciate the work of all 14 talented collagists, a few have stood out to us, and we’re especially excited about Daniel Greer’s twisted, melting collages that mock the intentions behind advertisements. A self-professed cynic, Greer’s work seeks to challenge the messaging in mainstream media and using his art to express his aversion to mass media’s “sterile, impersonal, broadcasted messages that attempt to authoritatively present itself as culture.” Another artist to watch is Claire Pestaille, whose Femme Maison series blends vintage imagery of architectural structures and female forms to explore the social constructions of femininity. We could go on and on, but in celebration of all this engaging collage work coming together, we think you should go check them out for yourselves. Then peruse this list of recommendations of where some of these collagists like to spend time in their Brooklyn and London locales.

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[Photo source: Dazed Digital]