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Sisters Beatriz and María Valdovín, the duo behind the @artlexachung Instagram, combine images of British model Alexa Chung with classical and modern art to draw attention to the similarities between the two. Aside from the delightfully pun-y name—Artlexa Chung, c’mon that’s pretty amazing—the real treat lies in the strangely accurate parallels. Beatriz, a business and law student, and María, who completed her master’s in art history, found inspiration in Instagram accounts like @copylab and @flyartproductions. These accounts found different ways to transform art into modern day memes, and the sisters aren’t half-assing their work either. Each comparison is well studied and often quite educational, drawing attention to art that dates as far back as the 1600s.

Instagram is a platform that allows for such diverse forms of expression, but it’s also very interconnected. Beatriz and María tagged Chung in their first posts, and the model became their first follower and later, even re-grammed one of their posts. The image in question was one of Francisco Goya‘s “The Clothed Maja.” Goya and the sisters also happened to share also happens to share a hometown—Zaragoza. As for how they choose the pictures, Beatriz explained via Elle, “Sometimes the inspiration is in the painting: We see a masterpiece of Goya, Magritte, Modigliani, or Bouguereau and then we find a pose, a gesture, a piece of clothing, a hairstyle, or a landscape that reminds us of Alexa’s pictures. Other times, it’s the other way ‘round: Her photos remind us of art.”

More recently, Beatriz and María Valdovín were recruited by Dazed to remix the London SS16 menswear collection with art. They had also humorously found comparisons between art and images of the physical manifestation of a selfie, Kim Kardashian. We love a smart meme, so go check out the rest of the Valdovín sisters’ work over @artlexachung.

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[Photo source: Instagram]