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Multi-disciplinary pop artist and musician William Blanchard, aka Wildcat Will, has been creating modern day collages inspired by the demi-monde of the Parisian cabarets of the Folies Bergère. His collages are comprised of cut outs of topless girls against animal print and text, overlaid on butterfly backdrops—all of which combines the artist’s love of painting, graphics and typography. Blanchard has spent the last 20 years creating art that reflects his understanding of contemporary urban life. On his more recent collages, the artist explains, “In a way, becoming a drummer is the modern day equivalent of joining the circus, a fantasy removed from normal life. The Belle Epoque period was the rock ‘n’ roll of its time. I wanted to produce work that had a correlation to the kind of duality that I have experienced.” His exhibition, Love Is Like A Butterfly will be on display at the Beautiful Crime gallery from July 9th onward.

Blanchard also spoke to AnOther Magazine about his work, going into depth about the message behind his work and explaining his fixation with world of the Folies Bergère. The demi-monde, he explains, speaks to him because “[the] ethereal artists, models, free spirited women were the rule-breakers of that time, and in such an underground way. Their timeless appeal is what I was drawn to, and their ability to disregard the socially and morally acceptable “rules” they had then (and we still have now in many ways). The musicians of that time were the predecessors of rock and roll too.” As for the message behind his work, Wildcat Will hopes to “communicate the transient beauty of a woman, sex and death, compared with life and the fragility of a butterfly, and a woman’s ever-changing beauty.”

You can check out the rest of Wildcat Will’s work on his site, or you can see it in person at Beautiful Crime.

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[Photo source: William Blanchard]