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Majid Jordan, the Toronto-based synth R&B duo featured in Drake’s 2013 single and multi-cover spawning “Hold On We’re Going Home,” had been pretty quiet in the year after blowing up on Drake’s biggest pop hit yet. Yesterday, Majid Jordan shared a 20-minute mix via OVO’s SoundCloud, and today, they’ve released a new single with Drake. “My Love” is part balled and part minimal dance music, and it’s the first time Majid Jordan and Drake have appeared together since “Hold On We’re Going Home.” We’re hoping this is a sign of more tracks to come, but until then, there are plenty of their silky, experimental tunes to get you ready for those late summer nights.

The 20-minute mix, titled [|], has no track list or track breaks, but hey, who really needs song separation when it’s all pretty damn listenable. Listen to “My Love,” then start in on that mix. It’s just the right amount of time to get you excited for the weekend.

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[Photo source: Genius]