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Clueless, the ‘90s teen movie that married Jane Austen’s Emma with a Noxzema commercial, is having its 20th anniversary this weekend, and we’re taking a minute to celebrate how it immortalized real and invented ‘90s vernacular. Because the majority writer and director Amy Heckerling’s oft-quotedbubblegum hip-hop lingo” were written, in its satirically airheaded glory, for the movie’s exaggerated and fictional Beverly Hills. The cult classic had a refreshingly diverse cast, and Cher Horowitz said and thought what we were all feeling. Though there’s that killer wardrobe (hello, red Alaïa dress) by costume designer Mona May and the perfectly synched soundtrack by music supervisor Karyn Rachtman, we’re mostly just using the 20th anniversary to relive some of Clueless’ most quotable moments—in gif form.



Only someone who’s been living in a remote cave would forget this line. Best used when someone grosses you out but also an acceptable response to general rudeness.


When you’ve been rendered lost or confused, i.e. a complete hot mess, you’re def buggin’.



In a movie full of fantastic burns, this one might be in our top three. It’s the perfect hybrid of clever, if a little obvious, art awareness and pure sass.



But the best insult goes to this gem. Really, there’s no topping this one.



This, of course, is a close runner-up. 


So this isn’t a gif, but it’s a must-watch mash-up clip that perfectly captures why no imitation can compare to the real deal. Happy 20th anniversary, Clueless! We’re definitely going to re-watch you this weekend.

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[Photo source: Moviefone]