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We’re not surprised that the resident queen of cyber space has decided to document her seven-day residency of performance for the Manchester International Festival in GIF form via Tumblr. We are, however, really stoked that she’s decided to share her process in such a visually engaging and instant way. A picture may say a thousand words etc., but a GIF is video watching for the attention deficit generation. FKA twigs’ residency took place last week, and each day, she created and rehearsed a new dance piece. Oh, and she also found the time to direct seven different films that capture each performance. For anyone who wants a glimpse at twigs’ Soundtrack 7 project, her Tumblr page also includes photos and videos too (we just really like the GIFs).

Soundtrack 7 merged twigs’ work from the last 10 years with her current work, all of which is tied together in dance performances choreographed by Aaron Sillis and Ukweli Roach. “I want to present all of the dancers for the physical artists that they are in an athletic way, rather than what would be pleasing with a commercial aesthetic…flesh, sweat, feeling, muscle, and a live movement, no air brushing, no frills,” said FKA twigs in a statement.

Now we’re just craving new music from our angel-voiced digital goddess. Until then, rewatch her music vid for the re-scored “Video Girl” and “Glass & Patron,” aka the only time Google Glass has ever looked cool.

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[Photo source: Pitchfork Media]