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Okay, we know we’ve been a little too into Jamie xx lately (correction: we’re always really into him), but he’s been churning a lot of interesting work that bridges music with other creative disciplines. His latest project was done for the National Gallery’s Soundscapes exhibition in London. Soundscapes commissions various musicians and sound artists to create instillations based on a painting chosen from the museum. Jamie xx selected Théo van Rysselberghe’s painting Coastal Scene, and created the pointillism-inspired “Ultramarine.” Though it doesn’t give us the full spectrum of the sound installation, the National Gallery has put out a preview of the work. And hey, you can even hear snippets of “Ultramarine” in the background. The exhibition is open now and will be at the National Gallery in London until September 6th.

According to DIY Mag, “Jamie xx’s installation shifts and sounds slightly different depending on where you stand in the room. Close up to ‘Coastal Scene’, his composition sounds all dotty, and fragmented, sprinkles of steel drum appearing now and again like the blue splodges that make up the painting itself. Step back, and ‘Ultramarine’ grows more saturated and less messy. It’s like his debut album ‘In Colour’ projected through a Philip Glass shaped prism.”

The preview of Jamie xx working on “Ultramarine” has been set to private (cue sad face), but we’re going to assume it’s worth checking out if you happen to be in London before September 6th.

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[Photo source: Pitchfork Media]