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When #FBF-meets-new stuff. Back in 2004, William Shatner released a sprechstimme album titled Has Been, and even if you didn’t listen to anything else on his album, your ears have likely been graced by the glory that is his cover of Pulp’s “Common People,” featuring vocals by ‘80s icon Joe Jackson. The cover was so well received, even Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker weighed in to say, “I was very flattered by that because I was a massive Star Trek fan as a kid and so you know, Captain Kirk is singing my song! So that was amazing.” In a moment that was long overdue, a fan going by username LordRicco666 edited a video that perfectly times Star Trek: The Original Series clips to the rhythm and theme of the lyrics. Hooray!

Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or simply someone who appreciates William Shatner’s “Common People” cover, you’ll find some delight in the sheer attention to detail in this fan-made music video. According to Dangerous Minds, “What makes this edit truly incredible is the attention to detail in matching shots with the lyrical content, even nailing specific lines of the song to lines spoken by Kirk in the show. Check twenty-seven seconds in where ‘I want to live,’ or forty-seven seconds in where ‘I’ll see what I can do’ sync perfectly.”

Watch the video below.

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[Photo source: Boing Boing]