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Electro-pop duo Disclosure and your favorite super sensitive crooner Sam Smith reunited for their collaborative track “Omen,” and now there’s a music video to go with it. As previously noted, Disclosure had recruited Ryan Hope to direct a dystopian sci-fi short split into a four-part music video series. “Omen” will appear on Disclosure’s upcoming album Caracal, which sees its official release September 25th. It’s been a few years since “Latch” was released, and though “Omen” is slower and much funkier and Sam Smith much more svelte than ever, the Disclosure x Sam Smith team-up is still pretty magical.

As for the video itself, the story picks up where it left off in “Holding On,” with protagonist Mariela venturing into a packed nightclub in a future-dystopian Mexico City. Sam Smith is there too (obvi), doing his Adele-like warbling while Mariela practices some telekinesis under the tutelage of a tattoo artist. Okay, so they’re not earning many points for narrative creativity, but we do admire the atypical approach to putting together a series of music videos.

Watch “Omen” below. It might just make you yearn for the weekend a little more than you already have.

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[Photo source: Pitchfork Media]