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If only every food pic on Instagram looked like Vancouver-based graphic designer Matija Erceg’s food-inspired mash-ups. Using Photoshop, Erceg combines imagines of food, usually some sort of raw meat or vegetable, with images of everyday objects (sort of, there’s a mash-up of virtual reality tool Oculus Rift with a cut of Beef Wellington). The graphic designer was inspired by an image of flip-flops made of meat, Erceg started his own project, creating brightly colored hybrids of objects and food. We’re a little grossed out, but we’re also really into it. So go check out his mash-ups of bacon telephones, steak skateboards and mushroom screws to get inspired, cringe a little, then smile. Erceg’s food art can be found on his website, cheekily titled Serious Design. You can also see the rest of his work on Instagram—it’s a lot better than seeing what your friend’s friend ate for lunch today.

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[Photo source: Serious Design]