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Guys, it’s been so long since Joanna Newsom released her last album, 2010’s Have One On Me. And even though we caught her narrating Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, that shroom-trip of a movie we’re still not entirely sure we liked, it’s not quite the same as hearing pure poetry alongside harp instrumentals. Well, Newsom has finally announced the name of her next album, titled Divers, and she reunited with Paul Thomas Anderson to make and share the video for first single “Sapokanikan.” In the PT Anderson-directed video, Newsom sings while wandering around New York City. The title of the song is a reference to the name given by Lenape Native Americans to what is now the Meatpacking district of Manhattan, and in their abstract way, her lyrics speak to New York City’s long history.

No matter how you feel about Newsom’s distinctive voice, there’s no denying the brilliance in her lyricism. “Sapokanikan” is about the displacement of native people by European settlers, and sure enough, the video has Newsom skipping through Lower Manhattan where no signs of the pre-colonial exists.

Watch “Sapokanikan” below. Then listen to her masterpiece, Have One On Me, all over again. That might tie you over until the next bits of Diver make their way onto the Internet.

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[Photo source: Pitchfork Media]