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Here’s to collages and #FBF. Belgium-based collage artist Sammy Slabbinck repurposes vintage magazines by cutting them up, then combing them to create cheeky but beautifully surreal collages. On his art, Slabbinck explains, “Sex sells, obviously, but in magazines like Playboy, it’s not always very classy.” His collage work take female form and places it in another place or décor to communicate a different dynamic. However, the EU’s recent economic recession and instability has led to a more conservative allocation of funding in Belgium’s art industry. Like other artists, Slabbinck has taken to user-generated platforms like Instagram to display and share his work.

In a Q&A with AnOther Magazine, the artist elaborates on the issue young artists face, “[Galleries] don’t really take that many risks anymore. They don’t want young artists or up-and-coming artists. That’s why the internet is such an interesting demographic now. Everybody can make something, and if somebody decides that they like it, there’s no filter there.” That lack of filter is responsible for some pretty heinous stuff on the internet, but if the flipside means we get to see and share arresting and thoughtful images, we’re more than okay with it.

Check out the rest of his work via his site or Instagram.

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[Photo source: Sammy Slabbinck]