Thanks to the internet and YouTube, the art of voguing (celebrated in cult film Paris is Burning, and brought into the mainstream by Madonna) has been able to spread beyond underground ballroom battles in NYC and invade far-flung countries—everywhere from Russia to Taiwan. The dance has been appropriated, remixed, and evolved since its inception and master voguer, Dashaun Wesley, shows how the art can be intensely personal, yet extremely versatile in the high-energy video above. Taking an influence and personalizing it to make something new is at the heart of what we do at BAMIN (Build And Make It Now), and Wesley’s flow embodies that effortlessly. Now THAT is showing some face.
Read the interview between BAMIN founder Robert Cordero and Dashaun Wesley over at Nowness!

Dancer: Dashaun Wesley
Director: Michael Hemy
Executive Producer: Robert Cordero of BAMIN
Fashion: Matthew Josephs
Music: DJ MikeQ
Editor: Ruta Balseviciute
Make up: Kyle Goodwin