“If you only live once why we keep doing the same shit?” M.I.A. asked via twitter. We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.
Here at BAMIN (Build And Make It Now), we’ve been playing M.I.A.’s new album on loop. Her beat-heavy thumper titled, “Y.A.L.A.”, which stands for “You Always Live Again”, challenges Drake’s Y.O.L.O. mantra and makes it so much better.
M.I.A.’s music has an uncanny ability to predict the future of sound. And if you haven’t already noticed, there are echoes of “Bird Flu” in her new track “MATANGI”. Kind of like how your BAMIN bag takes on a new shape when you add new parts.

Why live once when You Always Live Again? Y.A.L.A. is a catchphrase that BAMIN can stand behind. After all, it’s a perfect embodiment of remix culture—we’re constantly combining and changing existing material to create something new.